Best Leg Makeup To Cover Spider Veins | Ultimate Guide (2021)

Do you have varicose veins and always hide them under long skirts and pants? Everyone wants nice and smooth skin and enjoy wearing short summer dresses on the beach. If you are looking for the solution to varicose veins then you pick the right article to read. For this problem, you should try the varicose vein makeup. Just as you hide the scars, fine lines, and dark circles around your eyes. You can just do the same when it comes to camouflaging the varicose veins. Here in this article, we bring the best leg makeup to cover spider veins. Read the complete article and let us know your thought in the comment section.

Best Leg Makeup To Cover Spider Veins

Things Need to Cover Spider Veins:

Here are some important things which you need in this type of makeup:

  • Eyeliner makeup brush.
  • Airbrush leg sprays.
  • Makeup sponge.
  • Body makeup.
  • Waterproof concealer.
  • Sunless tanning lotion.

Applying Sunless Tanning Lotion:

First of all, take a small amount of sunless tanning lotion and apply it all over both legs by using your hands. Now keep rubbing gently on your leg until the lotion mixed with the skin and is absorbed. The lotion will take some time to dry completely.

Best Leg Makeup To Cover Spider Veins

While choosing a sunless tanning lotion always make sure one thing, buy a light to medium tan color that looks almost similar to your skin. When you choose a similar color the overall impression does not appear fake.

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To avoid stains on your clothes wear your dress after the lotion has dried completely. To maintain a clear look and hide the spider veins apply the sunless tanning lotion at least two times a week.

Using Body Makeup:

Now it’s time for Body Makeup. Choose a makeup bottle that is shade similar to the skin of your legs. When the lotion is completely dry you can apply the body makeup on the legs using your fingers or a makeup sponge. Just apply a light layer of makeup on the portion of the leg with varicose veins.

Best Leg Makeup To Cover Spider Veins

Applying Waterproof Concealer:

After completing your body makeup, take a thin eyeliner makeup brush and a bottle of waterproof concealer. Now insert the brush in the bottle of a waterproof concealer, but make sure one thing the shade of the concealer must be lighter than the body makeup.

Leg Makeup

Blending the Concealer:

Now it time to move on to the next step. Just as with makeup, It is also important to blend the concealer properly into your skin. Use your fingers or a makeup sponge to dab the concealer lightly so that it blends well with your skin. Make sure one thing, the concealer is blended effectively so that you cannot see the spider veins at all.

Blending the Concealer on legs

Aerosol Leg-Spray for Smaller Veins:

If the spider veins are not prominent at all, you can skip all the makeup phase and just use an aerosol leg-spray to cover them. You can find this product online easily just find it under the category of airbrush legs. First, spray it on the area with the spider veins, after the spray makes smaller circles with your fingers to blend it into the skin. Let the spray dry well before wearing your clothes.

how to cover spider veins on legs


Spider veins are small veins that can appear on the skin surface of the face and legs. Every one of us always wants clear skin especially women. Above in this article, we mentioned some best leg makeup to cover spider veins. Just use these makeup tips to cover the spider veins and flaunt your beauty under the bright sun. We hope you like this article. Let us know your reviews about these makeup tips in the comment section.

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