Cysteine Hair Treatment | The Whole Procedure & Side Effects

Using a straightening crimping iron, curler and other rigid chemicals can transmit your hair dry and shaky. Your hair can become crimped and ungovernable. There are several approaches to make your hair creamlike, polished, and fresh again and one of them is cysteine hair treatment. Your hair will be easy to maintain after the treatment. If your hair has experienced this in the past, wait for at least two months before preparing cysteine done. The treatment guarantees to give you polished, celebrity-like hair. So, read on to know more about cysteine hair treatment.

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Known as Cysteine Complex and Cysteine Hair Smoothing System, the cysteine treatment is one of the latest approaches to get reliable, smooth hair. This semi-permanent treatment lasts for about four to six months, after which the effect slowly gags away. The treatment will also protect your hair from damage and decreases the frizz.

What Is Cysteine Hair Treatment?

Cysteine is a form of hair protein and works with the earlier existing proteins in your hair to relax and liberate all the curls and waves from your hair. It is a natural absorbent and thus easily infiltrates penetrating the hair shaft to intensely sustain and condition hair in order to develop their overall durability. It gently polishes away the irrepressible curls and frizz with satisfaction.

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Moreover, it forms a protective shield on your hair to guard it against further destruction. Cysteine hair treatment uses the cysteine system which is an insignificant amino acid naturally happening in Keratin to straighten, strengthen, and smoothen hair. It adds shine to dry hair and preserves from further harm. This treatment is known for getting rid of redundant frizz and desiccation.

Why Some Regard Cysteine a Better Option than Keratin?

Cysteine, which is an amino acid, is used in the treatment to strengthen your hair and make them straight. Cysteine hair treatment is the herbaceous form of Keratin hair procedure, where minimal chemicals are used to your hair. When used in the form of a hair straightening treatment, cysteine is thought to be more reliable and more affordable than conventional keratin treatments.

Cysteine is a superfluous amino acid that happens in keratin and other proteins. Cysteine smoothing treatments work by smoothly relaxing the hair’s general curl, without the use of dangerous additives like formaldehyde. This treatment does not need the use of formaldehyde or the other delegates of formaldehyde which can deliver noxious fumes during the treatment.

The Procedure of Cysteine Hair Treatment:

Hair treatments like hairstyles are never short of changes. This procedure is the most advanced in hair treatment. It is gaining reputation and may challenge the Keratin treatment also. The plan for Cysteine treatment is not very distinct from Keratin treatment.

  • First of all the hair is washed and blow-dried to make it for processing. The clean hair shaft is needed for a better perception of the cysteine system.
  • After cleaning and blow-drying, the Cysteine complex is fitted to the hair, taking the small sections of it, so that all the hair is present to cysteine complex.
  • The product is permitted to remain on the hair for approximately 45 minutes.
  • The next step in this procedure is to go dry and flat ironing the hair to give a smooth look.
  • It is advised to use sulfate-free shampoo after the procedure.

How to Look After of Hair After Cysteine Hair Treatment:

  • Keep away swimming at least for a month’s appointment Cysteine hair treatment. This way you can get most benefits out of treatment. Chemicals in the water can destroy your hair and so, avoid contact with water after your hair experiences a Cysteine hair treatment.
  • Avoid regular oiling posts. This will produce product build-up and thus, the Cysteine hair treatment won’t be much useful in that case.
  • Eschew using henna on your hair after you have done Cysteine hair treatment. Henna is very strong and can interfere with the Cystine hair treatment and its an impact on your hair.
  • They will produce product build-up on your hair. This way you will be liable to increase the life measure of your Cysteine hair treatment.

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What Are the Side Effects of Cysteine?

  • Chemically treated hair needs individual care. If you fail to follow the instructions given by your hair specialist post straightening, you will encounter excessive desiccation.
  • Dry hair tends to be more fragile and starts seeing frizzy even if you have straightened the hair only a few weeks back.
  • Medicines applied during straightening should not touch the scalp and origins. Most stylists guarantee that they leave a centimeter s notch before applying elements.
  • If these signs continue even after a few days of treatment, you must ask a doctor.
  • Regular touch-ups and hair straightening treatments can lead to harm to hair follicles leading to hair fall. Hence, stylists recommend decent care so that the treatment lasts at least a year and the number of touch-ups reduces too.

Does Cysteine Treatment Cause Hair Fall?

This is contemplated harmless as it does not apply formaldehyde like Keratin hair treatment. Cysteine hair treatment should not create hair fall but it should make your hair less crimped. Do note that the radiation applied during the method if not executed properly can break the hair commencing to hair fall.


Hair strengthening treatments are used to straighten the hair and to make it glistening and sound. Some keratin treatments do include formaldehyde which has got a bad rap in the strength circles. Specialists argue that hair breakage is due to the high temperature of the molten iron and formaldehyde has nothing to do with hair damage. Formaldehyde usage affects the salon workers more than their clients.

That’s why we support this organic product for a hair mask. On the other hand, cysteine hair methods though do not include formaldehyde, still uses a hot iron to seal in the product. So from my end of view keratin and Cysteine treatments are both the same. It would be wise if you go in for hair treatments that do not use formaldehyde be it cysteine or keratin hair treatments to strengthen your hair.