Dark Spot Remover & Dark Spot Treatment [Latest Updates]

It seems like almost everyone is looking to remove dark spots. Our editors surveyed 100 women on their skincare habits and goals. Of those women, 66% rated “fading dark spots” as one of their top beauty objectives; outranking other skin goals such as “clearing acne” and “reducing redness.” As a result, there is no shortage of beauty brands promising quick and powerful dark spot removers and skin lightening treatments. There are natural and effective dark spot remover products on the market to correct dark spots. In this article, we’ll review the causes of dark spots and how to prevent them, the most powerful natural brightening ingredients, and our tested picks of the best natural dark spot removers around.

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Causes Of Dark Spots:

Dark spots are a common issue because there are many innocuous and unpreventable causes behind the formation of dark spots on the skin. Four of those common causes include:

Sun Exposure:

The real danger with sun damage is that it is cumulative; the damaging effects of sun exposure may not appear until later in life. This why dark spots are an effect on your whole life and make you look older.

Other Health Issues:

Melanin deposits can form as a result of using certain medications, liver diseases, dermatitis, and others.

Best Ways to Remove Dark Spots:

Not all natural brighteners are created equal. Just because a chemical peel is made from natural AHA fruit acids, doesn’t mean that it’s not incredibly potent! On the flip side. There are also a ton of natural ingredients that are ineffective at best and potentially dangerous at worst. When shopping for a natural skin brightener, be sure to look for these stand out ingredients and also a dark spot remover.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3):

A 2007 study found that niacinamide, when applied at 7-9% concentrations within moisturizers, effectively reduced hyperpigmentation by 41-71%.

Aloe Vera:

Tyrosinase which is the catalyst behind the production of melanin is inhibited by Aloesin, a compound in Aloe vera.

Vitamin C:

A particularly effective antioxidant for controlling hyperpigmentation while protecting against sun damage. Vitamin C has also been shown to inhibit Tyrosinase and prevent the production of melanin.

Other Natural Brighteners:

Other natural brightening ingredients include almond oil, tomato, cucumber juice, lactic acid, citrus oils, and yogurt.

Which Dark Spots Remover Having Side Effects:

There are many dark spots remover those having side effects. Here are some skin lighteners that you may want to avoid.

Lemon Juice:

As we know the citric acid also found in lemon juice. It is very effective in the treatment of dark spots. It’s not a great DIY tip to try yourself. If done improperly you could risk causing acid burns and serious sun hypersensitivity/ sun damage.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Just like pure lemon juice, applying pure apple cider vinegar directly to your skin can actually burn your skin.

Chemical Peels:

Professional level and highly concentrated chemical peels can cause serious skin damage if used improperly. The speedy promise of deep peels often comes with a side of raw skin, painful spots, sun sensitivity, and flaking skin.