How to Remove Oil from Hair without Washing | Recommendations & Alternatives

We know that oil is a very beneficial thing for our hair, It does not just look disgusting. But after some time it also feels so itchy and uncomfortable but that not the only problem. After shampooing and conditioning your hair you have to live 5 hours with wet hair. So what should we do? how to remove oil from hair without washing? Obviously, we need a solution for that. Here in this article we bring the solution of this problem just read the complete article. Let’s start!

How to Remove Oil from Hair without Washing

How to Remove Oil from Hair without Washing:

Here we listed 5 ways to remove oil from hair without washing. All of these methods will help you to get rid of oil without using water:

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Dry Shampoo:

One of the easiest ways to get rid of greasy hair problem is dry shampoo. If you never tried a dry shampoo then we will suggest you try one.

Remove oil from hairs

Just a few sprays of this product will help you to cleanse your hair and give you an extra day between washes along with unbelievable texture and volume. You just need to spray this on the roots of your hair, wait for a couple of minutes, and then rub it in, and brush it out. Cleansing your hair by using dry shampoo is a very easy and simple way.

Baby Powder:

If you don’t have dry shampoo, here we bring another thing for you that is just as effective to help get rid of greasy hair.

How remove oil from hairs

Baby powder is a multipurpose product and it will help you to get rid of oily hairs without using water. You just need to sprinkle a little along parting lines and rub in.



If the baby powder is also not available then you can also use the cornstarch, it will also work in the same way.

How to Remove Oil from Hair without Washing

But if you have dark hairs then just cornstarch may not work on you because it leaves a white cast. So for this problem, you should mix cornstarch with cocoa powder. After mixing it, just apply the mixture to your roots.

Blotting Paper:

Blotting paper is a good way to remove the shine from your face but you can also use it to get rid of oil hairs.

best for hairs

You just need to part your hair in a few different places and then run the blotting paper along your scalp and roots. Just within seconds, you will easily cleanse your hair.

Mini Blowout

Oily hair tends to look extremely limp and flat. A simple way to get rid of the greasy hairs is a quick pick-me-up is to blow dry them a little.

Mini Blowout Hair brush

This method will help amp up the volume and instantly and helps you to get rid of the greasy hairs instantly. You can also use a round brush on key areas and blow-dry.


Oil is a good thing for you but after some time it looks greasy and also makes you uncomfortable. The complete process of hair washing may take some time. But what should we do if we have no time? how to remove oil from hair without washing. Above in this article, we explained 5 different methods to instantly get rid of greasy hairs. we hope you like this article, let us know your reviews in the comment section.