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Sproutt Life Insurance is a no-exam life insurance company, which means there are no health tests or exams to take. If you already have insurance from another carrier, you can transfer your policy with them for a limited time, and then switch to a no-exam policy.

no exam life insurance sproutt life insurance

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Life insurance will continue to be a viable option for many people, even after we’ve eliminated the need for tests in the future. This article will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing no-exam life insurance in 2022.

You will learn exactly what no-exam life insurance is and how it works. We’ll also show you where to find out how much you could save with no-exam life insurance.

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What’s the difference between No-Exam Life Insurance and Sproutt Life Insurance?

Sprout Life insurance is a streamlined way to purchase a level term (fixed) life insurance policy instantly online. Q:

The digital application process takes about ten minutes and can be completed on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

After approval, you choose your final coverage amount and term length.

After the insurance company has processed your payment information, they’ll give you a written notice. You need to review it carefully and then sign and return it to the insurance company.

How does the No-Exam life insurance work?

No exam life insurance for those who are self employed. This online service provides you an instant decision on your application to get an affordable insurance quote.

SBLI uses your application answers and views several informational databases to provide an instant decision. The insurance company includes: MIB, MVR (Motor Vehicle Report), Prescription database, and FCRA public data analytics to provide an instant rate.

Is Sproutt Life Insurance a company?

Sproutt is a life insurance broker and an insurtech company.

Their no exam instant issue policy is underwritten by Savings Bank Life Insurance Company (SBLI) and you don’t need.


Who wrote the No-Exam life insurance policy?

This instant-issue term life insurance policy from Sproutt Life Insurance is underwritten and serviced by Savings Bank Life Insurance Company (SBLI).

SBLI is the insurance company that handles the claims.


Is SBLI a good life insurer?

Absolutely. SBLI is one of the largest term life insurance companies in the United States.

We have been offering ecommerce services since 2007 and have been ‘A’ Excellent rated by

There is no better insurance company. You’ll never have to pay a legitimate claim.

No-Exam life insurance at a glance.

This is a non-exam life insurance policy that only requires the completion of a single online form.

Issue Age: $25K-$1M Coverage: $25k-$1 million Terms: 15-year level term Health Classes: Preferred Plus, Preferred, Standard Plus, Standard Policy Type: Level (fixed) term life insurance Insurer:

This company is legit. They provide legitimate claims paid 100%. They will always pay out within a couple of hours of the application being processed and can pay for riders at no cost.


The no-Exam life insurance policy details are here.

Sproutt No-Exam About Chart
Insurer SBLI
Financial rating Excellent written by A.M. It was the best of the best.
Pay out ratio 100% of legitimate claims have been paid out over the last century.
The rating was BBB. A+
Trustpilot is rated. It was 4.8 out of 5
The amount of coverage. $25k to $1 million.
Ages 18-55
The terms are available For 10, 15, and 20 years.
Rates For the term, it has been fixed.
The policy on cancellation. It is possible to cancel anytime without a penalty.
There are payment methods Check or savings account with a credit card.
There are payment options. It can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annually.
It’s a waiting period. None
Medical exam No
Interview on the phone. No
BMI Up to 42
Requests for medical records. No
Speak to the agent. No
There is an option for conversion. No
The death benefit rider is accelerated. Yes, it is not a cost.
Exclusions If you were dishonest on your application and commit suicide, there is a two-year inconsolably clause.
Coverage starts Policy review and e-signature are completed immediately after payment information is provided.
It’s a free look period. 20 days
Premiums There is a range from $7 to $250 per month.
Timeline 15 minutes from tentative quotes to an active policy

The monthly rates for no-exam life insurance for ages 20 to 30 are as follows: $100k, $250k, $500k and $1 million coverage amount.

This table below shows the monthly premiums (quotes) for no exam life insurance for ages 20-30 for $100k, $250k, $500k and $1 million coverage for a 20 year level term.

Sproutt Life Insurance offers no exam monthly policy for ages 20-30 males and females.

Sproutt Life Insurance offers no exam monthly policy for ages 20-30 males and females.

No-exam life insurance rates by age chart-35-45 years old:

Below are the monthly rates (quotes) for no-exam term life insurance for Sproutt Life Insurance for ages 35-45 for a $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 and $1 million coverage.

Sproutt Life Insurance no-exam policy monthly rate premiums for ages 35-45 man and woman

Sproutt Life Insurance no-exam policy monthly rate premiums for ages 35-45 man and woman

The Sproutt Life Insurance rates are based on the age of the person.

The monthly rate for life insurance for $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 and $500,000 10-year level term coverage, assuming no exam is required.

Sproutt Life Insurance no-exam policy monthly rate premiums for ages 50-54 man and woman

Sproutt Life Insurance no-exam policy monthly rate premiums for ages 50-54 man and woman

Sproutt Instant No-Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes

Sproutt provides instant no-exam term life insurance quotes


Instant Quote Select Term: Flexible Premiums Non-participating policy (NP) Dividend Option Money Purchase

Plan How it Works What is a “No Exam

” policy? The best way to find out about a life insurance plan is to look at what it has to offer. A term policy, like a no-exam policy, offers the best protection for your money. It’s a type of insurance that you purchase when you need it, not before.

Sproutt gives instant online term life insurance quotes with a very user-friendly interactive quoting engine.

You will need to answer a few basic questions in order to get a no-exam life insurance quote from Sproutt. Your insurance policy may still decline even if you provide the correct answers to the questions.

The results of the no-Exam term life insurance quotes.

If you answer a few simple questions, Sproutt will help you decide if you’re an ideal candidate for no-exam life insurance. If you’re a good candidate for this type of policy, the tentative rate will be shown.

This is great news – you may be eligible for 100% online life insurance without a medical exam. To see if you qualify, just click on the “Customize” button as shown in the image above.

To begin the online application, simply click on the green “continue” button.


Sproutt Instant No-Exam Term Life Insurance Quote Results

The approval screen for the life insurance application by Sproutt.

If approved, you can still adjust your final coverage amount and term length before you activate the policy.

Sproutt Life Insurance Application Approval Screen

There are no exams for life insurance payment options.

You can pay by credit card or debit card, or from a checking or savings account using either a paper check or an EFT.

Choose between monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription.

Sproutt No-Exam Life Insurance Payment Options

The policy should be reviewed and e-signed to have coverage activated.

Activate the coverage on your policy and e-sign.

This step will completely cover you for death benefits during the entire term of your policy.

Review The Policy And E-Sign To Activate Coverage

The bottom line of the matter.

As you can see, no-exam life insurance from Sproutt Life Insurance allows you to buy term life insurance online instantly.

The partnership between Sproutt and SBLI is making it possible for people to buy term life insurance at the best rates. By streamlining and expediting the term life insurance buying process.

When shopping for a new life insurance policy, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. You can buy a traditional whole life insurance policy, a universal life insurance policy or term life insurance, which covers only a specific time period (like two years).

Your car insurance is now being underwritten automatically.

With Sproutt’s instant, no exam life insurance policy, there is no longer a good reason why anyone who qualifies should not have term life insurance. The whole process only takes less than 15 minutes and provides an instant level term life insurance policy, same as if you were going through the traditional underwriting process.


There are quotes that are instant.

You’ll receive instant rate quotes from Sproutt Life Insurance if you click on the Get Started button below.

If you have a question about no-exam life insurance from Sproutt Life Insurance, use our contact form to speak with a Send us an email and we’ll get back to you.