Is Shikakai Good for Hair? | Traditional Uses of This Natural Herb

Is Shikakai Good for Hair?

The first question that comes into our minds, “Is Shikakai Good for Hair and what its benefits?” Yes, it is a safe and very beneficial natural ingredient for hair. Here we listed some best home remedies for this natural ingredient.

Shikakai Imparts Shine and Softness for Own Remove Hair:

Shikakai Good for Hair

The most vital nourishment and organic ingredients within Shikakai are very beneficial in enhancing the feel of hair. Being a pure surfactant, it cleans the hair follicles, eliminates greasiness, and leaves the hair softer and shinier.

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Drizzle 2-3 tablespoon of Shikakai powder 2 cups of water to earn a semi-liquid paste. Add a little more honey and water. Apply this paste, and then wash your hair. Try out this treatment twice every week to showcase stunning glistening hair.