10 Unique Tips To Prevent Seasonal Pollen Allergy

With the arrival of pollen season, people start searching for different ways to prevent themselves from pollen allergies. The arrival of the spring season brings perfect weather, clear sky, colorful flowers all around, and pollens. The tree and grass pollen often create a big problem for allergic people.

Prevent Pollan Allergy

During summer and autumn season, weed pollens come into the picture and they start creating trouble for allergic people. The pollens are very small in size and they can be seen through microscope only. The main role of pollens is to increase plant fertilization. People who are allergic to pollen must prevent themselves from pollen. Otherwise, they may suffer pollen attacks. The pollen attack leads to runny nose, itchy eye, and throat, sneezing, etc,

Top 10 Tips to Prevent Seasonal Pollen Allergy:

Well, there are many ways to prevent you from pollen attacks. You can consult your physician for the right allergy medicine during the pollen season. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks that will help you to stay away from pollen allergies:

1. Close Windows And Door

The best way to stay away from pollen is to keep the windows and doors closed. If you are traveling in your car, then again you should keep your window and door closed. It will restrict the entry of pollens in your home and car. If you have pets in your home, then maintain a separate pet house outside your room.

Make sure that pet does not bring pollen inside your home. You should wash the paw of dog and brush hair before entering the house. You should turn on the latest technology air conditioning Sydney in your house. The HEPA filter in AC will trap pollen in your house and provide good air to breathe.

2. Stay Indoor

You should limit your outside time and stay inside your home for as long as possible. You should also check the pollen count in the air by checking air reports. If your limit going outside, then pollen cannot trigger your asthma attacks and does not lead to allergic symptoms. You should never leave your home during the morning because it is the peak time for pollens.

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3. Pollen Mask

You should go outside when it very important and wear a pollen mask as well. This mask will stop the entry of pollen in your nose and mouth. Also, wear goggles to prevent your eyes from pollen attack.

4. Immediately Take Shower

When you go outside, then pollen can stick to your clothes, hair, and skin. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately take a shower when you enter your home. Also, wash your clothes to get rid of pollen over them. It will prevent you from pollen attacks and allergic symptoms.

5. Use Cloth dryer

You should not hang your clothes outside because pollen can stick on these clothes and affect your health. It is better to invest in the dryer to dry your clothes in and hang your clothes inside your home under the fan.

6. Vacuum Clean Your House

You should regularly clean your home with a HEPA vacuum cleaner. This latest technology vacuum cleaner will help to clean all surfaces of your house efficiently. This vacuum cleaner cam efficiently traps very small particles of pollen & prevent you from pollen allergies.

7. Invest In Ducted Air Conditioner

The latest technology air conditioner not only helping to maintain an ideal temperature in your house, but it also helps in maintain good quality air. These air conditioners are integrated with the HEPA filter. This filter traps pollen in the air and provides your fresh air to breathe. If anyone in your house is allergic to pollen or suffering from asthma then you should consider the installation of ducted air conditioning Sydney.

8. Examine Grass Type In Lawn

You should determine the type of grass in your lawn. Some grasses also trigger allergic symptoms such as Bermuda grass, Johnson grass, etc. If you have any of these grass in your lawn, then you should replace this grass with ground covers like Irish moss, bunchgrass, etc. If you want to mow the lawn, then consider hiring professionals rather than doing it by yourself.

9. Plan Colorful Scented Flowers

You should plant colorful and beautiful flowers in the garden of your house. The colorful flowers like a daisy, rose, tulip, etc generate heavy wax pollen and this not go airborne. Therefore, these scented flowers are a good choice to make your lawn beautiful. These plants do not aggravate allergic symptoms.

10. Stop Touching Your Face

We should stop touching our faces when you are working in the garden. After completing your garden work, you should leave your gardening tools outside so that pollens do not enter your home. If you are working in your garden then wear a mask and gloves.