Top 10 Types of Underwear for Women | Complete Fabric Guide 2020

The women don’t pay attention to the shopping of their inner wears which is not a good thing. They just ignore that the underwear and innerwear are more important then outerwear even there are many types of underwear for women in markets. It’s not cool to be oblivious to those things, ladies. So here we’ve listed everything you would like to understand about your intimates sorts of panties, best fabrics, best brands, buying tips, and hygiene tips. Let’s take a glance at some of the best underwear for women.

Types of Underwear for Women

Types of Underwear for Women:

Here we listed the Top 10 kinds of underwear for women. All of them are comfortable to wear. You can choose any kind of underwear according to your need:

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Boy Shorts Underwear for Women:

This type of underwear is similar to the male boxer. These are rectangular under which provide the full complete coverage of your booty. They go a little below your hip like male boxers. You can wear this kind of underwear with trousers, skirts or with anything that can be replaced every day.


G-string has no waistband and these are fancier variants for your thongs. Instead of the waistband. They have a thin string for hold and a narrow coverage for your private part. If you used to thongs then this type of underwear is very comfortable for you. You can wear them under your swimwear, white pant, shorts, dresses, etc.


This type of underwear mostly come in soft fabrics like silk, jersey, stain. This kind of underwear doesn’t have a very thick border and very comfortable to wear. It comes in different types like high-waisted, hipsters, French cuts, etc. This is perfect for women who are not comfortable with the idea of thongs or G-strings. You can wear them with skirts, jeans, trousers, shorts, etc.


Thongs are very comfortable for most of the women. It has a regular size waistband but it has a very narrow part to covers your private area. This type is very popular in women so we don’t have to worry about the panty line with this one. It is very unfamiliar when we discuss this type of underwear in a practical sense. You can wear them with dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, etc.

High-Waisted Briefs:

This kind of underwear is perfect for women who are not comfortable to wear low lying panties. If you like high waisted then this underwear is the best option for you. It provides you good coverage and finishes on your belly button. Provide a shape to your body and very comfortable. You can wear this with any outfit.


This is taut and body-hugging which gives you good body coverage and comes in a bikini like the design. The waistband completely covers your hips and sits lower on your body as comparing regular underwear. It is a great choice for women who like bikini design but for regular use. You can wear it with any kind of dress.


Briefs are what they mean once they say underwear. It is a typical soft and cozy panty that works best as an everyday essential for ladies. The waistband rests on or a touch below your belly button. If you would like something with better coverage, choose the high-waisted briefs that we just discussed. This underwear is suitable for every dress.

French Cut:

French cut panties are a rather different variant of your briefs. They supply you with similar coverage. The waistband sits on your belly button, but the leg holes are near the hip, and thus don’t provide full coverage to your hips. You can wear this kind of underwater with any dress.

Bikini Panties:

Bikini panties, even as the name goes, are a part of the swimwear segment. They are available in soft, flowing fabrics like lace, satin, silk, jersey, etc. They’re a mixture between your regular briefs and a thong, and your options are endless. These are often paired with two-piece bikini sets. Suitable As a bikini pair.


Compressors are panties and shapewear that make life easy for all folks. If you’re wont to wearing shapewear above your panty, then try switching to compressor panties. They provide you full coverage, tuck your tummy in without being uncomfortable, and are available with a thick waistband too.

Underwear Fabric Options:

A lot of different kinds of fabrics are used in the undergarments industry. All of them are soft and comfortable to wear. Different Fabric Types of Underwear for Women explain down here:

Cotton Underwear for Women:

Cotton is that the commonest and breathable fabric for panties, plus it’s also the foremost preferred. It’s perfect for everyday use. You’ll see that each one of your regular briefs is usually made from pure cotton. These are best for summers, workouts, and for daily use.

Lace Underwear for Women:

Lace is employed for your fancy lingerie. These are light, transparent, and seamless too. Since it’s very flimsy and thin, it’s not very suitable for winters, unless you wear enough layers. However, buy from standard brands because lace can cause irritation and itching if it’s not of excellent quality.

Satin Underwear for Women:

Satin is soft, smooth, and comfortable for the skin. These are perfect for lounging, as lingerie or once you want to pamper yourself a touch.

Underwwear Names for Women

Mulmul Cotton Underwear for Women:

Mulmul cotton maybe a cotton blend, but softer and slightly thicker than your cotton. It isn’t very breathable, but extremely light and crazy your skin. Best for everyday use.

Silk Underwear for Women:

Silk is additionally mostly used for creating lingerie and fancy panties, or by brands that make everyday panties interesting. It sits on your skin seamlessly and feels almost weightless.

Jersey Underwear for Women:

Jersey material is typically a mix of polyester and nylon. it’s waterproof and excellent for the pool, beach vacations, bikinis, etc.

Some Buying Tips:

Know What Type To Buy: Not all kinds of underwear are suitable for everyone. You must need to found out which kind of underwear is suitable for you. It depends on your body type, seasons, etc. choose the right one for you.

Know Your Size: Always measure your waist with the help of a measuring band, it is very important to measure your waist before you go shopping so that you can map it accordingly. Different brands have different sizes and different types.


Pay attention to the shopping of undergarments is also very important especially for women. These are the parts of clothes which cover our private parts. There are different types of underwear for women available in the market these days. They have different kinds of designs and different kinds of fabrics.